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Citadel Blue Delivers the Foundation for Your Success

Citadel Blue Delivers the Foundation for Your Success

Time is extremely precious in the construction industry. To keep your projects on track, there’s a critical need for precision and coordination between, architects, project managers, contractors, suppliers and customers. You need the latest technology to stay on schedule and competitive, but managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure can be time-consuming and expensive.

From bid selection through project completion, Citadel Blue simplifies the technology you need to be successful in today’s increasingly competitive market. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the IT systems that companies like yours rely on every day, and will implement solutions that provide the mobility, reliability and security your employees and customers demand.

Construction IT Services and Support from Citadel Blue help you

Construction IT Services
from Citadel Blue help you

Improve Collaboration
Architects and contractors need to share large files and high-resolution images to get the job done right. With Citadel Blue, you’ll easily store and send large documents—like AutoCAD and Photoshop files—quickly and securely.
Maximize Uptime
Reliable and secure access to data is essential for your success. Citadel Blue’s virtual server hosting ensures you have 24/7 access to vital information, as well as backup and recovery services that protect you against data loss.
Work On-the-Go
Most of your work takes place outside of an office. Our email and cloud-based solutions make it easy to stay connected and your team can communicate and collaborate on projects from virtually anywhere, at any time.
Get Expert Support
If an issue arises, we determine if it can be resolved remotely or if an on-site visit is necessary. In any case, we respond in compliance with our promise to keep you up and running 24/7/365.
Maximize your efficiency and collaboration with construction IT support.