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Experience True Flexibility and Cost Savings with Application
Hosting Solutions

Experience True Flexibility and Cost Savings with Application Hosting Solutions

Web application hosting solutions let you minimize the high costs of investing and maintaining your infrastructure, and maximizes mobility by giving users access to their applications from virtually anywhere.

With Citadel Blue as your hosted application provider, we deploy your software to a secure cloud platform. Applications are available on demand to as many users as you need, and they’re accessible via desktop and laptop computers—as well as most mobile devices.

Application Hosting Solutions from Citadel Blue help you

Hosted Application Services
from Citadel Blue help you

Improve Security
Citadel Blue is serious about security. We keep your applications safe in a modern, climate-controlled data center so you can be certain your equipment is continuously updated and secure.
Get Ongoing Monitoring
Count on us to monitor the performance of your applications 24/7/365. Plus, we’ll monitor the systems that integrate them with your database and other applications, the networks they run on, and the backup and storage systems where data is safely stored.
Optimize Performance
Your applications must always be available. Citadel Blue takes care of everything that impacts performance, including network components, bandwidth, firewalls, anti-spam protection and more.
Stay Up to Date
It’s important that your applications are regularly inventoried to ensure current licensing and proper support. Let us perform preventative maintenance and remote support to keep your apps up to date and running smoothly.
Look to Citadel Blue for scalable, reliable application hosting.