Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Get cutting-edge technology that doesn’t break the bank.

Overcome the Limitations of Old Technology with HaaS

Leave Your Old Technology in the Dust with HaaS

Your team can’t maximize their potential when they’re spending half their time dealing with complications that arise from old, failing hardware. Hardware as a Service (HaaS) empowers you to provide your employees the latest productivity tools without absorbing the overhead cost of new, expensive hardware.

Citadel Blue procures and provisions state-of-the-art hardware as a cost-effective solution—you get to equip your team with the right technology without exceeding your budget and resources.

Hardware as a Service by Citadel Blue

Hardware as a Service by Citadel Blue

Access to The Latest Technology
End the break-fix cycle and sharpen your competitive edge with best-in-class technology and timely upgrades.
Hands-Off Maintenance
We handle routine maintenance, upgrades and patches so you and your team can focus on more important tasks.
Grow on Your Own Terms
Add new team members or expand your services—HaaS gives you the freedom to make decisions without worrying about how you’re going to procure the technology you need to support them.
Strengthen Security
Newer hardware is better equipped to combat today’s security threats and supports more robust backup and disaster recovery plans.
Sharpen your competitive edge with HaaS by Citadel Blue