Server Colocation Services

Save money while improving resilience.

An Affordable, Modern Solution to Complex IT Challenges

An Affordable, Modern Solution to Complex IT Challenges

If space, expertise and money are limited premiums for your organization, server colocation services may be the solution to many of your IT frustrations and challenges. Colocation facilities provide the space, power, physical security and server technology that are often difficult for small or medium-sized organizations to manage internally.

Citadel Blue houses your servers in our data center where we have access to resources and staff to scale your computing needs based on your growth. You’ll experience smoother operations, plus we provide the security, back up and redundancy you need—all for an affordable monthly rate.

How Will Colocation Solutions Improve Your Computing Environment?

How Will Server Colocation Services
Improve Your Computing Environment?

Enhanced Connectivity
We offer the latest server technology—from high bandwidth speeds to outstanding redundancy—in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled data center.
Outstanding Security
From closed circuit cameras and on-site security to coded access and biometric scanners, we spare no expense to keep your servers secure.
Reduced Operating Expenses
The infrastructure, generators, contingencies, climate control and security features it takes to optimize your server performance is expensive. You get all of the above, plus more, as part of a predictable service fee which frees your capital for other strategic business initiatives.
Sustainable Infrastructure
Colocation provides more control over your infrastructure with a fully auditable system while reducing your carbon footprint by up to 90 percent.
Find out how Citadel Blue can improve your computing environment with colocation solutions