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Virtualization Solutions
Offer Room for Growth

Virtualization Support Services Offer Room for Growth

You need greater scalability and agility—as well as cost controls—to meet your goals and improve profitability. That’s why many organizations are looking at the virtualization of some or all of their computing infrastructures. Delivering technology via the Internet can expand IT assets, improve agility, boost productivity and cut cost.

Citadel Blue automates IT processes and creates an elastic environment for computing, storage, and networking resources. Our team of experts concentrates on the daily management of data and network virtualization, plus we employ advanced monitoring and administration tools to ensure your IT assets deliver the performance your users demand and deserve.

Virtualization Support Services from Citadel Blue help you

Virtualization Support
from Citadel Blue helps you

Speed Up Installations
Forget about purchasing new equipment, that can take days or weeks to get ordered, delivered and set up. Instead, Citadel Blue configures a new virtual machine, router, switch, or storage drive making it easy to scale as you grow.
Save Money
Only buy a single server license, and then host the rest without any extra costs. Plus, by having fewer physical servers, you save on power bills, maintenance fees and data center space.
Increase Availability
Consolidating your software applications, operating systems and hardware platforms means fewer redundant physical devices are needed to serve as primary machines. This also maximizes uptime and availability.
Minimize Disruption
One of the primary advantages of virtualization is servers are segregated, operating as though on separate hardware, resulting in less downtime during maintenance periods. And, support takes place in a production environment without causing disruptions.
Bring your business into a new era of efficiency and productivity with virtualization support.