Hosted Security Services

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Future-proof Your Business with End-to-End Security IT Solutions

Future-proof Your Business with End-to-End Security IT Solutions

Big data has transformed operations in every industry—but it’s also created an enormous opportunity for hackers to monetize their skills and evolve into multi-million dollar organizations. These criminals know that customer, employee and proprietary information are the heart of your business. They have the motive and, thanks to smart devices, more ways than ever to access and hold your data hostage.

Security laws and enforcement are no matches for these elusive cyber-criminals that attack from all over the globe—that’s why Citadel Blue goes above and beyond to make sure you’re always one step ahead with hosted security services that safeguard your systems.

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Our Security Services include

Our IT Security Services include

Email Security

HIPAA Compliance Services

Infrastructure Security

PCI Compliance

Security Assessment

What Can IT Security Services by Citadel Blue Do for You?

What Can Hosted Security Services
by Citadel Blue Do for You?

Minimize Risk
Our team of cyber security experts is trained to monitor, isolate and resolve even the most sophisticated threats before they cost you customers, your reputation or, potentially, your business.
Avoid Hefty Fines and Lawsuits
We prioritize your employee and client information security—a breach could cost you your reputation or even your business.
Empower Employees to Spot Threats
We’ll help you educate your team and implement policies and procedures for identifying and intercepting threats.
Work Remotely with Confidence
We’ll make sure you have secure access to your data and email without worrying about outside threats.
Stop putting your people, data and assets at risk—schedule a security assessment today