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Devon Llywellyn
"These guys really prioritize their clients! I really appreciate their expertise and knowledge on Cybersecurity and IT Infrastructure - The entire team is wonderful to work with."
Jeffrey S. Stephens
"CITADEL BLUE is, without exaggeration, the foundation upon which our law firm operates. In a world where the need for technological expertise and a reliable security system is absolute, they provide all of the necessary tools, resources and support for us to confidently run our practice and serve our clients. Citadel Blue is an irreplaceable part of our business."
Andy Moszynski
"Citadel Blue: 5-star IT partner! Responsive, reliable, 24/7 help desk with expert escalation. They keep our business humming!"
International Trade Logistics
"When there's something that must be addressed, I'll sit and think about what we can do to make things more efficient, then I run it by Citadel."
Tina Shacklock
PM Recovery
"Before using Citadel Blue, we used an IT group that, most of the time, had to come on-site to do anything. They would wait to arrive during the night, so we experienced four or more hours, sometimes days of unproductive time!"
Barry Janay
"Trusted experts in IT Security and best practices. They provide great service, quickly diagnosing and solving issues including all SaaS systems. They provide my very tech forward and growing Law Office of Barry E. Janay PC with fractional CTO services which have been absolutely transformative for the organization and it's prospects."
William Cooper
"Citadel Blue does all that any company could ever ask for in the world of computers and security. I have been working with Citadel Blue for years and their personal interactions and technical savvy is truly excellent. I highly recommend Citadel Blue to any size company to service all of their computer/security needs!"