Hosted Email Security

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Safeguard Your Communications

Safeguard Your Communications

Email is essential to your daily productivity and communication, but it’s also the central doorway for intrusions and harmful software. As much as 70 percent of all email is considered spam that can potentially infect your machines, cause downtime or worse, costly data breaches and compliance fines. Simply opening an attachment or clicking on a link can cause severe damage.

Spam and anti-viral software are helpful but don’t offer protection from all malware, phishing and hacking threats. That’s why Citadel Blue provides comprehensive,  multi-layered hosted email security services that keep you safe from every angle.

What Can IT Security Services by Citadel Blue Do for You?

What Can Hosted Email Security Services by Citadel Blue Do for You?

Protect Sensitive Data
We’ll safeguard your communication to make it difficult for intruders to access private emails and document transmissions.
Satisfy Compliance Requirements
We keep up with enterprise email and industry regulations so you can focus on your business without worrying about compliance.
Ensure Email Continuity
In the case of disaster or failure, we’ll make sure you’ll maintain access to email and recover any lost data.
Get Proactive Threat Detection
Communicate with confidence—we’ll intercept threats before you even know they exist.
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