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Why Cloud Computing?

Why Cloud Computing?
Leo Mindlin
Let's expand on our top favorite benefits of cloud computing.
Why Cloud Computing?

These days, everything is in the cloud or happening in the cloud. Simply google cloud computing and your search results will be endless. So, what’s up with all the hype? Does the cloud really call for all this attention and are you missing out? Yes, yes you are.

There’s a reason approximately 93 percent of businesses are using some form of cloud computing—the lower costs, easy flexibility, the list goes on and on. But, we’d like to expand on our top favorite benefits of cloud computing.

Leverage the Cloud to:

Be Proactive

Disasters happen, but what will happen to your data? Moving your data to the cloud makes disaster recovery easier and less expensive. Automated backups ensure you’ll be able to recover the most up-to-date information after any scenario or disaster.


Moving to the cloud allows your team to work from anywhere, creating new opportunities for better collaboration and communication. Give them the ability to securely access your company data, work on documents or shared apps, and receive updates in real time.

Go Green

Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce consumption, and moving to the cloud is a good way to start. Small companies who move to the cloud can decrease energy usage up to 90 percent which not only gives you an environmentally sound image, but is also a huge money saver.

There are many benefits of cloud computing, and we’ve only just skimmed the surface. To learn more about how cloud can help your organization or to get started, contact us today.

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