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There are many advantages of managed services that often get overlooked due to managed services misconceptions. But don’t be fooled, partnering with a managed service provider (MSP) can help your team be more productive and efficient. Here’s a quick run-down of the top three myths around managed services and the truth behind how an MSP can help you be successful.

  1. It’s More Expensive to Work with an IT Managed Service Provider

It’s understandable why people would have trouble believing hiring an entire team of experts is less expensive than the cost of hiring a single, full-time employee. But, what many companies fail to consider is that you’re not only paying the salary of the single employee, you’re also footing the bill for the overhead costs including taxes, healthcare, vacation, 401k, training and more. With an MSP, cost isn’t a huge factor because you pay on a monthly basis and can often pay per usage.

  1. MSPs Replace In-House IT Resources

According to a ChannelInsider survey, 60 percent of respondents said their managed services engagement is a collaborate arrangement with their internal IT department. Whether it’s providing a specialized skillset, tackling periodic projects or handling routine tasks such as backups and remote monitoring—MSPs become part of, and strengthen, your team.

  1. An MSP Won’t Respond to Issues Quickly

Many companies are concerned that if they don’t have a full-time IT employee in the office, it means a slow response if an issue occurs. But, most MSPs offer around-the-clock support with quick response times and defined service level agreements (SLAs) allowing you to get help from multiple people instead of relying on a single person to solve your entire company’s issues.


Whether you’re a small shop with no dedicated IT experts, you have a super in-house team that could accomplish more by offloading the day-to-day routine IT tasks, or you want to leverage the partnerships and forward-thinking experts that an MSP can bring to your business and IT strategies—you owe it to yourself to get the facts about managed services. Contact us to learn more.

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