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Stay Connected, Yet Secure with
Email Solutions

Stay Connected, Yet Secure with Email Solutions

Email is your lifeline, so when your email system is down or having issues, it costs you time, money and possibly your reputation. While email has become a mission-critical part of your efficiency, it’s also one of your weakest links when it comes to security.

Managed email services from Citadel Blue deliver the security, reliability, and performance you need to do your job with confidence. Our technicians have in-depth experience with a range of email platforms and can handle everything from planning and migration, to implementation and remote management, to email support and troubleshooting in everything from small single-server deployments to enterprise environments.

Email IT Managed Services from Citadel Blue help you

Managed Email Services
from Citadel Blue help you

Boost Productivity
Since you’ll be spending less time maintaining your email platform, you’ll instead focus on the important things. We’ll remotely monitor your email environment to deliver your communications securely and efficiently.
Improve Security
Communicate with peace of mind, knowing your critical business information is secure. We manage and maintain anti-spam and antivirus software to keep your vital communications protected.
Prepare for the Unexpected
Pair email solutions with backup and disaster recovery to ensure your emails are available no matter what happens. We’ll ensure your emails are properly backed up and always available for review.
Maximize Uptime
You never know when you’ll need to communicate. Citadel Blue makes sure your email systems are available day and night. We also create a business continuity plan that covers your email servers.
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